Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Tailgating Tribute

This year I had to do a post on the food at our tailgates. The Florida Gators were less than stellar, but I think we made up for with our food which I must say was pretty epic. It was a lot of work but I think this year was the best tailgating so far. Nothing beats being on campus at 8am in the morning on game day with the grill already going, drinking beer and watching football.

vs. Miami University (W 34-12)
This was a 12 pm game, not leaving much time to make a huge lunch. I brought some of my famous Margarita Cupcakes. I went a little crazy with these and instead of making the usual lime butter cream icing, I made traditional butter cream but put a ton of tequila in the mix and the frosting. These are always a hit.

vs. USF (W 38-14)
This was a 12:21 pm game (I know, I don't get the weird time either), so again there was not much time in the morning to make a lot of food. For this game we grilled up some venison burgers courtesy of John after the game. We were definitely not holding back with the cheese on these burgers.

vs. Kentucky (W 48-14)
I was feeling a little lazy this week so I just made some cookies with store bought mix. I must say, those Betty Crocker cookie mixes make excellent cookies.

vs. LSU (L 29-33)
This week was a night game so we had all day to eat and drink. A few of the guys chipped in and bought a smoker attachment for our BBQ. To try it out for the first time, they decided to smoke some ribs for about 8 hours. The ribs were marinated in a dry rub, then once in the smoker were basted occasionally. They turned out pretty good I think for our first attempt at smoking.

I also made some pumpkin spice whoopie pies that turned out delicious as well. Our bellies were definitely bulging by the time the game started.

vs. Mississippi State (L 7-10)
Another night game. Since smoking the ribs was such a huge success, we decided to go a little more extreme and smoke a few pork shoulders...starting at 5am...The shoulders cooked for about 12 hours and in the end we pulled the pork by hand and drenched it in a homemade Carolina BBQ sauce courtesy of Rich. was so good and there was so much we all had second and thirds. Another football game with us all in slight food comas.

I made some chocolate covered peanut butter eyeballs that ended up tasting just like Reeses peanut butter cups.

vs. South Carolina (L 14-36)
Oh my goodness another night game. We definitely got lucky this year with the times of the football games. This allowed us to go crazy on food yet again. We started off the day with Brandon grilling up some hot dogs that we topped off with chili and cheese for lunch.

For dinner Matt and Laura made an absolutely awesome Low Country Boil containing corn cobs, potatoes, sausage and shrimp. So delicious and so filling. At this point we were all busting at the seams but there was still more to come.

And to finish off the day, this was also the day of our First Annual Dessert Off. Several people entered with some awesome desserts. So many so that I can not remember who made what. I made Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake.

vs. Appalachian State (W 48-10)
Closing out the season with an afternoon home game, we decided to keep it simple and just do breakfast. Brandon make pancakes and bacon on the grill.

This year was absolutely awesome for tailgating. We made some fabulous food. I can not wait for next year. Thanks to everyone who contributed!!