Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ribbon Baking Pan - Make any shape you want!!!

Genius!!! Simply Genius!!! WANT! WANT! WANT! Seriously how does this not exist yet?

"The Ribbon is a modular baking pan that allows you to control the shape and the size of the baking area. Using the silicone band that attaches to the steel baking sheet with magnets, you can shape the baking area to fit the needs of your recipe and create different shaped molds for your cakes, brownies, and your most decadent desires. Ding!"

This awesomeness is brought to you by Quirky (love the name) who apparently makes all kinds of neat little gadgets that I want.  

Sadly this product has not been officially released yet, so no price, but who cares!! Sign me up for one!


  1. can I preorder? if not when will I be able to order> Thank you!

    1. Doesn't look like they are preordering yet, but they are definitely checking the market. Check out their main page.

    2. I searched for the Quirky flexible baking ribbon and found it on Sadly, the company filed for bankruptcy so I guess it'll have to be invented and re-patented by another company.

    3. That's too bad. Maybe it will pop back up on kickstarter.